What Do Biologists Do?

by admin on May 14, 2011

The common term for “Biology” is “Life Science.” The meaning is self-explanatory. Biology is the science of living things. It can be broken into two basic branches viz. zoology and botany. Zoology is the study of animals and botany is the study of plants.

But what do biologists do? Biologist is a scientist whose discipline is biology. They study living organisms and the relationship they share with the surrounding environment. The fundamental job of a biologist is research based. There are two kinds based on the objective of the research. Basic research is thoroughly academic and the biologists involved in basic research try to shed light on the mechanisms and workings of living organisms. The second one is applied research where biologists attempt to materialize the practical aspects of the research. They try to make use of the knowledge to bring about advancement in medical, industrial and agricultural fields.

The field of biology is very diverse and each section is equally important and fruitful as well so it is not easy to answer the question- what do biologists do? Following are the sections in which biologists work:

Plants, animals, biochemistry, biotechnology, cell and microbiology, genetics and evolutionary sciences, environmental and ecological studies, classification and taxonomy, animal and plant morphology, molecular biology, cytology, pharmacy etc.

The second most important job of a biologist apart from research is Health Care. Health care comprises of the studies done to defeat illnesses and diseases which were earlier considered incurable. And consequently carrying out campaigns and awareness programs to let the people know if they are suffering from such a disease that they can be cured. In an area where there is an epidemic, biologists try to hinder the ascent of the deadly disease so that lives could be saved. Physicians, medical experts, nurses, dentists, physiotherapists and Ayurved specialists work to sustain the health and the general well being of the population. They perform a very crucial role in the society and hold a respectful position accordingly. Veterinarians tend diseased animals. They have a very critical job. Poultry farms, stables, people having pets and the like owe the well being of these animals to the veterinarians. Without them, the successful establishment of such businesses is an impossible task.

Then comes another important role biologists play in the sustenance of the society- Environmental and ecological management. It is a fact that we are responsible for our future generations. If we ruin the ecological balance which is already very fragile, we will be held accountable for the problems the upcoming generations are going to face. So it is our foremost priority to preserve the environment and put a halt to any further deterioration. Biologists study the problems we are facing right now and try to devise the solutions for them. To preserve the food chain, the endangered species are being nurtured in national parks. Public is being made aware of the problems we can create for the future world because of our frivolous and reckless attitudes. The conversation of the nature and mother earth is vey essential and biologists are taking the judicious steps in order to get things straight again.

There are career opportunities galore in the field of biology. Few of them are listed below:

  • Biotechnology is the upcoming boom in the field of life sciences which can be very fruitful if pursued faithfully. It involves the study of the inner workings of the molecular structure of the living organisms. The future medicinal, agricultural and food sciences will be based on biotechnology because to move further in the research, biologists have to unlock the mysteries DNA, RNA and genomes hold within themselves. So biotechnology is a suitable field to opt for.
  • Pharmacy is the field of making medicines. Humans, animals and plants will never stop falling ill and thus a pharmacist will never be out job. Even the physicians and veterinarians will be handicapped in the absence of skilled pharmacists. Therefore, if you go for pharmacy, it will not be unadvisable.
  • Medical science is undeniably the most important field there is. A doctor alone can save millions of people in his life time and thus, medical science is, without any doubt, a noble profession.
  • Ecology is the study of nature. Ecologists work against the blinded vision of humans where they think nothing could go wrong as long as they are provided with the natural resources. The message should be conveyed to them that the delicate ecological balance is wavering and soon, we all have to fall prey to the fury of nature. The work ecologists do is very crucial when speculated in a long term context.
  • Bioinformatics is a budding field where biologists do the mind bending works of gene sequencing and the modeling of ecosystems. The field is close to mathematics and thus preferable to those who are inclined towards mathematics.

The opportunities will never run out once you enter the arena of life sciences. There are many fields apart from the ones discussed here.


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nicole October 13, 2011 at 11:58 pm

this was very helpful for my homework.


Kay July 25, 2012 at 10:12 pm

typo in first paragraph: defines botany as the study of animals…


admin July 26, 2012 at 8:26 pm

Thanks. Edited.


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