What Do Dentists Do?

by admin on May 6, 2011

The kind of food that we eat is a definite poison to our teeth. Coffee (caffeine in it) causes the yellowing of the teeth, aerated drinks and alcoholic beverages etc cause the enamel to disappear. The harmful effects are many and perhaps cannot be counted in a finite list. Thus, if you are one of those people who live on junk food or if it forms a major proportion of your diet, you should check a dentist regularly. Even the slightest slack in your sincerity towards teeth hygiene can cause grave problems for you in the future.

What do dentists do?

If you have any teeth problem, your dentist will detect it and provide you medicines for its treatment. If needed, he can also do surgeries to make your teeth better.  If your teeth are in good condition and do not need any medicines or corrective surgery, your dentist will at least be able to guide you and tell you the correct ways of dental care. He will advice you on things that you should do to keep your teeth health- food items you should avoid, food items you should consume, habits you should adopt to keep your teeth healthy.

Do you even know what different kinds of diseases can happen to your teeth? All these diseases will be treated by a dentist. Read on to know about what do dentists do. Here is a list of the tasks they perform:

  • If the cavities in your teeth are causing much problem, you should see a dentist. A dentist will remove the cavities by filling them up. If your teeth are not properly placed (i.e. they are either too inside into your mouth or if they are protrude out of the mouth), a dentist will put braces on them or do other corrective surgeries to make them properly aligned.
  • Secondly, if you are suffering from the problem of a missing teeth or if a teeth needs to be extracted from the mouth, you should see a dentist. A dentist will design an artificial teeth (taking in the correct size, color tone etc.) for your mouth. If a teeth needs to be removed, he will use proper medicines, anesthesia etc.  to remove the teeth and cause as less pain as is possible.
  • A dentist will also do other general things, like cleaning your teeth, scaling them etc. Apart from that, he can also advice you on general dental care. He will tell you about the correct ways of brushing teeth, diet that helps keep good teeth, flossing, use of fluorides etc.

Even in the field of dentistry, there are some general practitioners and then those who specialize in specific problems:

  1. Orthodontists: They make the teeth straight and properly aligned by applying pressure on them.
  2. Pediatrics dentists: These are dentists who specialize in teeth problems of the children as well as patients with special teeth problems.
  3. Prosthodontists: They replace missing teeth.
  4. Periodontists: They treat the problems of the gum as well as the bone of the teeth.
  5. Endodontists: They specialize in performing root canal therapy.


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