What Do DJs Do?

by admin on May 8, 2011

DJ stands for Disc Jockey. A Disc Jockey is a person who arranges music for parties. You may think that almost anyone can arrange music for an occasion. So, what is so special about being a DJ or the job of a DJ? To be able to get the answer to that, you will have to first understand what do DJs do and how is their ability to select and play music different from ours.

When we select the music, we play it on a CD or may be DVD. You may also feed the songs in your computer memory and play the music through that. The selection of your songs may be very good but there will be breaks in the playlist. What does that mean? It means that there will be a gap between the songs. The pause will totally spoil the mood of the people on the dance floor. Once continuity is built, a break or a small pause can make a major hindrance. So, it is extremely important that in a party, the music is played without the break and should be played according to the taste of the party people. That is exactly what a DJ is supposed to do.

You can never predict what mood a party will get into. Thus, you can never arrange the best music. The best music is one that is according to the party. It is best to hire a DJ for your party because a DJ has a collection of all sorts. If your party gets perky, he will play on the funk. If your party gets romantic, he will play the best saxophone instrumental. A DJ is into a profession where he is trained to understand music and taught to mix it well. He won’t let a pause break into the party. He will prepare his list of music well. He will come well-prepared in the party and if he is good at what he does, he will burn the floor with the best music.

Another thing that is unmatchable is the sound quality. If you arrange music on your own, you will have to arrange a good sound system.  This means that you will have to spend a good sum on buying good quality speakers, music system etc. If you hire a DJ, you will not have to worry about arranging anything. All you have to do is find a DJ who excels at his job, hire him and you are done for the night.

What do DJs do? They make a party rocking, worth going into; worth grooving into. Music and food is the most important ingredient of a party. If your arrangements fall short in any of these two departments, your party will be spoiled. Thus, do not take any risk. If you are throwing a party, spend a little money and hire a good DJ for the night. You will come to understand on your own, what difference a DJ can make to a party.


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