What Do Electrical Engineers Do?

by admin on February 23, 2011

Electric engineers are the professionals that deal with the study and application of electricity, electronics and electromagnetism. They work on the development of new and advanced products that are powered by electricity or produce electricity. They usually work on a project which can be anything related to electricity like medical technology, gaming systems, cellular phones, robots, cars, airline navigation systems. Electrical engineering has become a lucrative occupation since the late nineteenth century after the commercialization of electric power supply. Now the branch includes various topics like electronics, power, control systems, telecommunication and signal processing.

Electrical engineers work in labs, offices or in industries. They start a project by deciding the purpose of the new electronics as in what it will do. Next they work on the circuit and wiring of the product. Computers are of great help in working out the circuit. They build a prototype according to which tests are conducted to find out if the plan is working as planned. The malfunctioning circuit is then rectified till perfection. During the process they also study the related existing products to avert errors and to produce advanced technologies.

Electrical engineers may work on a large scale project, medium scale project or a small scale project.

Large Scale Projects:

Power generation, transmission and distribution which includes projects like generators, transformers, protection devices, high power switches, which work on solar, wind, geothermal or tidal sources are all large scale projects. Building power system designing is also done by electrical engineers. They work with the architects to plan the power supply and communication distribution network in a building.

Medium Scale Projects:

Commercial products like blender, cell phones, video games, air conditioner, batteries are medium scale projects. Scientific instruments also fall in this category. Development of power and communication in the aerospace industry is done by electrical engineers. Military concerned inventions for the safety of the military personnel and the better warfare devices are a medium scale project for an electrical engineer.

Small Scale Projects:

These include the developments of components like semiconductors that are used by other electrical engineers for the construction of medium and large scale projects. These are to invent faster processors, lower power devices, larger memories, smaller and lighter components. Nano-machines are fall in this category.

Electrical engineers may work in a group or even single-handed. They must have wide knowledge about the various engineering concepts, electronics and computer softwares. A strong background in mathematics, physics, designing and processing is required. The ability to pay heed to every minute detail, being curious and creative, troubleshooting problems and thinking logically about its solutions is a necessity for all electrical engineers. They should be successful in providing complete information about the construction and working of the product. They should also study the safety, disadvantages and advantages of his creation.

A bachelor’s degree is the requirement to be an electrical engineer. People also go for master’s or doctoral degrees for specializing in specific fields of engineering, technology, applied science or engineering management. In United States or Canada one should have a professional certification before working as an electrical engineer.

Electrical engineers earn $85,350 yearly on an average, according to the statistics of May, 2008. Electrical engineering is a lucrative job with a great future in the coming years.

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Which field in electrical engineering has become marketable in the recent past.which institution could u advise one to pursue studies in electrical engineering.


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