What Do Farmers Do?

by admin on May 12, 2011

Every agrarian nation depends on its farmers entirely. Even in case of mixed or industrial economies, farmers do play a very important role. The raw material for every kind of business (except for heavy metal industries) is provided by the farmers. Thus, for an economy to be able to grow rapidly, its farmer should play an active role. What do farmers do?

Farmers actually do everything. The vegetables that you buy each day for daily consumption are grown by farmers in their fields. The meat in the meat processing industry, on which all the food chains heavily depend, is provided by farmers who rear catties or raise animals. The wood required by the furniture industry is provided by the farmers. Farmers grow the tea we drink, the coffee we consume, the paper we write on, the oil that we use to cook food etc. Thus, directly or indirectly, farmers provide more or less everything that we use in our daily life. Now, let us discuss in detail what do farmers do.

1. The most basic thing that the farmers do is grow vegetables and raise animals. Though it may seem like a very mere job, the truth is that it is the most important job in an economy. No man can survive without food. Farmers supply in an economy the most important things- vegetable, meat and milk. A nation whose production is more than its consumption, can export the vegetables, meat and the milk. Such an economy will harbor growth. Some nations grow less than what they consume and thus, they have to import food for their people. A lot of money is spent on this import.  Thus, a nation whose farmers produce in surplus, have a developing or developed economy. A nation which produces less than what its people consume, are often poor economies. Thus, farmers may only be the producer of vegetables and milk but they indirectly influence the economy to very great extents.

2. Farmers are also responsible for determining the rates of various commodities in the market. If the prices of vegetables or the milk hike up, a number of other things (whose production involves using meat, milk or vegetables) will also go up. Thus, if the farmers decide to hike up the prices of their production, there is bound to be inflation in the economy.

3. Farmers also do a lot of other things. Sericulture, horticulture, cattle-farming, poultry-farming, Viticulture etc. are all professions that can be assumed to be that of farmers. These things also contribute to the economy.

Thus, we see that though the job of a farmer seems easy, it is in reality very hard and requires a lot of work and precision. Framers work on their fields from day to night to grow their produce. They also need to have a very good understanding of what seeds to plough, what fertilizers to use, what time to harvest the crop. The cumulative work of the farmers of a nation is capable of determining its economy and progress.

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rishnika September 13, 2012 at 12:33 am

Great info. It really helped me in my geography assignment. Thanks.


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