What Do Human Resources Do?

by admin on May 26, 2011

Human resources are the field of business that is concerned with recruitment and management of employees. This definition of human resources may appear very simple to read out but in today’s world the significance of human resources stands far important in the success of any company or corporation. “What do human resources do” may seem to be answered to some extent in the above definition; but presently the challenges human resources faces are dynamic in nature.

Basic Tasks of Human Resources

As always, the prime role of human resources has been to act as a medium of interaction between the employees and the company. Systemizing the working environment, making new policies for employees is considered the sole responsibilities of HR manager. Their past way of work has also been viewed just as mere paper work of personnel and administration functions.

Primarily, in many organizations and companies HR work is related to hiring employees, paying them and negotiating with them in order to maximize the company’s profit.

Changing Face of Human Resources

Today, the business operations are following an unprecedented course that is closely routed by the employees demand and the company. The working of human resource manager is not simply limited to employing and paying the employees. Providing peaceful ambient conditions to the employees, so that they can work in an effective way is also considered important aspect of HR planning. An efficient and good HR manager not only monitors the working of the whole team of employees but also closely looks after the dynamic needs of each individual as well.

Hiring; designing the work positions; rewarding the employees; recognizing their work and accordingly rewarding; adopting skill development programs and closely guided promotion structure are some of the important aspects which a modern HR consider in its working.

In all the above mentioned systems while supporting the employees, the sole aim of a HR manager is to take the companies to new heights and profits. In order to have a better understanding of profit optimization HR managers make use of knowledge of finance and accounting and management techniques to track the various processes in the organization.

HR and Employees

The success of a company can best be viewed and predicted by the organizational culture it provides. As a thumb rule, satisfied are the employees better is their working efficiency. It is this point which provides base so as how a HR manager design policies of the company. Providing a work environment that will infuse motivation to work and contribute in the company, along with serenity is something which every HR tries to achieve in the office.

Open and clear communication between the employees is also important feature that HR managers have to maintain. Proper conversation between the employees and the company not only let company to convey the goals in front of employees but it also help in absorbing innovative ideas from the employees side. How to reward aptly for the achievements is also something which HR managers have to look after along with keeping the company on the side of profit.

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